In 1948, European immigrant Samuel Miller bought a 1937 Ford truck with an open box on it and started a one-man garbage route in Portland. Although they didn’t call it recycling back then, he always sorted through his loads for items that could be repaired or reused. Samuel’s son, Arnie, worked for the family business in Portland for eighteen years, and after recovering from health issues that forced the sale of the original business, he moved his family to Eugene in 1979 to take over Apex Disposal Service. Arnie grew the business for twenty years and then passed it on to his own son, Sam.

There’s a reason Sam’s mom’s favorite saying — “Yes, we can!” — became a mantra at Apex, and that’s because we actively seek new ways to better serve our customers and our community. When we see a need, we fill it. When our customers reach out, we listen. When there’s a problem, we address it. We apply this attitude to everything we do at Apex Recycling & Disposal.