Our Roots

In 1948, European immigrant Samuel Miller bought a 1937 Ford truck with an open box on it and started a one-man garbage route in Portland. From that simple act of entrepreneurial ingenuity a family legacy was born; one that has been carried on for three subsequent generations. Samuel’s son, Arnie, moved to Eugene in 1979 to take over Apex Disposal Service, he built it up, and then passed it on to his son, Sam, whose own son, Connor, is planning to expand his role at Apex after graduating from college. Together at Apex Recycling & Disposal, Sam and Connor carry on the family tradition that Samuel Miller Sr. started seven decades ago.

Sure, we’re the people who pick up your recycling and trash, but we also live in this community — right alongside the people we serve — and we care deeply about our neighbors and our environment. Recycling and waste hauling is what we do, but a commitment to community, sustainability, and our customers is what we’re about.

Beyond trash pick-up: Innovation and sustainability at Apex

Although they didn’t call it recycling back then, Samuel Miller Sr. always sorted through his loads for items that could be repaired or reused. Today, a practice of recycling, reuse, and reduction of waste continues at Apex as one of our company’s core values. We’re always looking for ways to provide service options that facilitate sustainability and we incorporate Earth-friendly practices whenever possible, such as designing our pick-up routes to cut down on pollution and improve fuel efficiency.

Committed to customers and community

There’s a reason Sam’s mom’s favorite saying — “Yes, we can!” — became a mantra at Apex, and that’s because we actively seek new ways to better serve our customers and our community. When we see a need, we fill it. When our customers reach out, we listen. When there’s a problem, we address it. We apply this attitude to everything we do at Apex Recycling & Disposal, including our effort to support, promote, and employ sustainable practices as often as we can. We strive to help our customers become as informed as possible about the waste stream and share resources that empower them to practice the four R’s: reduce, reuse, repair, and recycle.

Thanks to our staff

When we talk about caring for the community we live in and the people we serve, you can bet our employees are included in that. In fact, we consider them an extension of our own family. On average, our employees work with us for eight years and almost a third of our staff have been with us for ten years or more. We support an environment dedicated to a healthy work-life balance, open communication, and mutual respect. We would not be what we are today as a company without the hard work and dedication of our employees. Together, we are able to deliver on our goal of excellence in service and teamwork that keeps our customers satisfied.

New name, same locally-owned company

On April 1, 2019, we changed the name from Lane Apex Disposal Service to Apex Recycling & Disposal. Our website and logo also got an update — rest assured, that’s all that’s changed. Our ownership, service, and commitment to community and customers that you’ve come to know and expect are the same. When we began serving the Eugene area in 1979, our name was Apex Disposal Service, but it evolved over the years with growth and eventually became Lane Apex Disposal Service. Our new, not-so-new name, Apex Recycling & Disposal, is a nod to our roots and it better reflects our vision for the company we are today.

Locally Owned and Flexible

As a small, family-owned and operated company, we’re part of your community. Our customers are important to us and we believe they deserve the best service at a fair price.

Weekly Recycling – Simple and Easy

We offer weekly recycling pickup with a cart, so you can put your recycling out any week you choose—no schedules to remember. And our commingled recycling program eliminates sorting.

Talk to a Real Person When you Have a Question

With Apex you’ll get a live person when you call our office. Everyone on our crew can answer your questions and identify which services will work best for you and your family or business.

Email Billing and Easy Payment Options

Our “Green Bill” program is better for the environment and easier for you. While our autopay program makes your life as simple as possible – your bill is paid automatically and on time each month. You can also pay online through our secure online bill pay website.

Don’t Need Weekly Trash Pickup

It’s no problem with Apex. With our every other week service, you can put your trash, recycling, and yard debris all out on the same week for pickup—it’s so simple.

So Work with a Company That Puts Your Needs First

Join our Apex Family. For the past four decades, we’ve been the family-operated disposal company that listens to the needs of our customers every day.

Plus, if you occasionally forget to put your can out, we can come back and pick it up.